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Entre La Habana Y El YumaArtist: Mamborama
Title: Entre La Habana Y El Yuma
Label: Yo Mambo Music
Release Date: Summer, 2003
File under: Cuban/Salsa/Jazz
Mamborama’s highly anticipated second release features some of the best musicians and artists in Cuba, as well as the amazing Los Angeles based Cuban musicians that played on the first CD. Guests include Sixto “El Indio” Llorente, Manolito Simonet, César “Pupy” Pedroso, Giraldo Piloto, Julio Padrón, and musicians from Manolito Y Su Trabuco and Klimax.

Artist: Mamborama
Title: Night Of The Living Mambo
Label: Yo Mambo Music
Release Date: Available now
File under: Cuban/Salsa/Jazz

“¡Excelente!” Manolito Simonet.
Mamborama’s first CD contains the hits “Cuba Te Llama,” “Es Solo Musica,” and has become one of the most popular CDs in salsa clubs throughout Europe and the States. Songs from this album have appeared on several compilations, and have been featured on the PBS series “American Family,” with Edward James Olmos and Raquel Welch.

Artist: Bill Wolfer
Title: Dos Vidas
Label: Yo Mambo Music
Release Date: TBA
File under: Cuban/Latin Jazz

To celebrate twenty years as a recording artist, Bill Wolfer has recorded a retropective of his career, with a Cuban twist: “Dos Vidas.” There are tunes made famous by Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson (after all, when you hear the opening chords to “Billie Jean,” you’re listening to Bill). Plus new songs, Vintage instruments and modern Cuban rhythms.

Artist: Iroso Obba
Title: En Vivo: Callejon De Hamel
Label: Yo Mambo Music
Release Date: TBA
File under: Cuban/Folkloric/Rumba

Iroso Obba is one of the hottest young Rumba groups in Havana. Steeped in the tradition of rumba, but adding a young funkiness and groove all their own. They rock the house every Sunday afternoon at Callejon De Hamel in Havana, and this CD captures all of their hypnotic energy.




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