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Calling all DJs

Download the Gata Loca Re-Mix absolutely free for a limited time only. As this is a promotional item, you are encouraged to copy it and pass it along to as many of your friends and fellow Djs as you please!

La Gata Loca Re-Mix

To download, right-click the link below and choose "save target as."

En el enlace abajo haga click derecho para guardar el MP3.

La gata loca-remix

NOTE: For optimal sound quality, the Mp3 was encoded at 192kbps, resulting in an 8.47 MB file. If you have any problems downloading it, please send an email to

Legal Stuff:
(C) & (P) 2003, 2004 Yo Mambo Music. All Rights Reserved. Published by Wolftoons Music, ASCAP. Above recording is for promotional use only and is NOT for sale.



© 2004 Yo Mambo Music. All rights reserved.